22 марта 2013


This morning I'm so excited about the whole this day! My friend is going to read her poems and some of them are dedicated to me. So I have to be inspired just to feel better, at least. Though I don't have my usual work to do now, but I'm planning my new photography project soon! This is gonna be great, as usual, not only for me, but for my models, too! Now I have my everyday inspirations in this art and in my life, as well!
Anton Van Hertbruggen

Aaron Jasinski
this picture is about one of my favorite actors, so I couldn't not to like it!
Lim Heng Swee
I adore all of her pics, because it always have sense and all of them are so cute!

Michael Sowa
Nicoletta Ceccolli
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Jeremy Enecio