25 февраля 2013

for the night

Dolce&Gabbana details FW 2013
Christoph Waltz and Anne Hathaway at Oscars 2013
Zooey Deschanel at Oscars 2013
Vogue Paris March 2013 shoot
Rated T-shirts
white nails and simple rings

20 февраля 2013

nostalgie night

 i've being thinking about lots of stuff today. i'm almost 19 and haven't done something so special yet. but! some ideas crossed my mind and sooner or later my plans are going to become alive. i just want to get new people in my life (i have ones already, but i want more!) so i'm waiting for new interesting things to happen! i'm even into making a plan and cross everything i've done! oh, and i'm looking forward to my birhtday! hope my dear will make a surprise to me ;) 

17 февраля 2013


absolutely adore this photos by Daniel Jackson for VOGUE China, the february 2013 issue! love Balenciaga looks.. special attention to striped suits, skirts and tights, polka dot stockings and triangle shoes. and also i have to add about the colors: i love black&white combination for a very long time! 

16 февраля 2013

fashion week dresses

during the whole fashion week this collection is the most "catching"! especially, the dresses. i don't wear ones in my everyday life, but i'd like to do that. i absolutely adore these white dresses with gold sparkles. also i like this geometry, which every dress contains. 

13 февраля 2013


today's night a friend of mine gave me an opportunity to take part in one project, i can say. it's about movies! my duty is to add great films on wall and i can use lots of stuff in there. the first film i've started with was Pippi Longstocking! i even learnt a song by heart! Gilmore girls' episode inspired me, 'cause Lorelei and Rory watched the movie! The song is so simple and amazing, i adore Inger Nilsson acting a little Pippi, she's awesome!! enjoy the movie theme song!

11 февраля 2013

love dresses

i just love all of this dresses!


she looks so calm and sweet here. i like when she appears in such characters. such photos just fit her!


love frida. she can be tender and wild both. she's excellent model! 

black and white, like night

meet, this is tanya, my model. we did nice photo shoot recently. i don't take black&white shoots usually, but i made a try and it's for good. we had an idea and we developed it into whole shoot! my first black&white experience deserves to be successful. i suggest, i'm going the right path! xoxo