31 октября 2012

Evening theme

The Best of Wednesday Addams!

The Addams Family Broadway Musical on David Letterman

Creepy Halloween!!

Now I'm watching the oldest version of  The Addams Family on my own. Though I'm not celebrating this year, it's the best for the Halloween mood! Last year I was dressed like Wednesday Addams! It's a pity I don't have any images of that! Wednesday is my favorite character! I adore her Marie Antoinette favorite doll!!

I adore her Marie Antoinette favorite doll!! (on the picture below)

I also adore Lisa Loring acting Wednesday! She is so cute little girl!

For now

These are the best outfits for such an autumn mood! Designed by Vivienne Tam, this FW Ready-To-Wear collection would now be perfect for me. Though it's rather warm still, but it's time to think about warming up!

28 октября 2012

Fabulous Audrey Hepburn

This woman is an inspiration of my day and of my life! She is the prettiest and the cutest woman in the world, her manners drove all men around crazy! I watcher all her movies and I'm gonna re-watch them through my whole life!


I'm so glad to present you my best photo shoot! I'm so grateful to my model Dasha, she helped me so much to make this all happen! She had a flu, but she came! Look forward to new pics!

22 октября 2012

I miss my summertime

I miss that time when I could walk on the streets thinking about my great summer days! I was just hanging around with my best friends, I met lots of new people and they've become my friends too! I didn't have any problems except "What should I wear today?" and "When is my next photo shoot?" But that time is gone and  I experience the one when I have to combine my studies and my work!

And by the way this is one of my summer looks! Enjoy it!

17 октября 2012

Fall tones by VOGUE Korea October 2012

Anja Rubik looks so gorgeous here! It's like my fall inspiration, 'cause my next photo shoot is preparing and this all is going to happen on Sunday! I'm inspired now and this is going to be my hugest photo shoot of the whole month! I've got the greatest model I have ever known in my life! Wish me luck and I'll pay you back with my gorgeous shoots! 

14 октября 2012

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