19 марта 2014

Coming back

New blog is like a new life! But why start something new, when you have a solid old one?
It's been months since I wrote here, but it's such a pleasure to come back! So soon I'm moving to Kiev. I'm a bit anxious about that, but at least I have my friends to support me. So... New life starting Monday!

07 сентября 2013


I'm spending some quality time in Alushta, Crimea! There are lots of sights, cats and etc. I've got nothing else to say, totally speechless! You've got to be here to understand how I feel

28 июля 2013


hello, me dear readers! want to present you my new photo shoot
we were shooting in nice summer morning with all those flowers in the nearest forest we could find
my friend and i we decided to take pictures in little fairy style 'cause this has always suited her

i'm so proud to make my photos look like the vogue's ones 
and i suppose i've achieved that, don't you think?

14 июня 2013

Yeap, that's me!

I don't really like taking pics of me, but when I do... I'm great! ;)
This little photo shoot was planned so its story is kind of boring: my friend and I went walking around the city, the look and make-up I made myself! So proud!
To be honest, I didn't expect for result like this! Like this photos so much I'm even sharing them with you!

06 мая 2013


my little and me found a wonderful book about shoes, it's history and changes ! pics are also so wonderful, so I took couple of them to show you

19 апреля 2013


guess who i am going to be! of course, Alice! soon i'll travel through the looking glass!
i know there were tons of interpretations of my favorite fairy tale, but this is going to be huge to me!
i've dreamed about this for such a long time. i couldn't find the right person to take shoots like this, but she, this lovely girl Kate, found me myself! my old dream is going to become alive soon! 

11 апреля 2013