18 декабря 2012

Fruit Fashion Photo Shoot Video!

I've been waiting for this for months! And finally I got the video from my favorite photo shoot!

Collection of my dream

That's so OH MY GOSH! I adore this collection, it expresses my favorite style, all the minimalism I love sooo much! I love jackets, I love large sweaters, I love dresses and middle skirts, I love gray, black and white colors!

Reed Krakoff Pre-Fall 2013

16 декабря 2012

Collection inspiration

Missoni Pre-Fall 2013 collection is actually gorgeous! It's so simple and has its chic! All that I love so much. Unfortunately, the times when I could wear these kinds of clothes have gone, it's so cold and windy outside brrr... Don't get cold and drink lots of smth hot! 

Horse Photo Shoot

I've taken this photo shoot about 2 weeks ago and finally it's done! Two girls and a horse... The atmosphere was actually great and there were some funny moments, too: the horse was so hungry, that it was trying to eat all the grass and bushes around and it even licked my speed light, when I came to close to take a photo! So enjoy this with me! ;)

07 декабря 2012

Red + Black

It's Friday night! I'm free at last! So I actually had some time to take some pics in my new River Island sweater and that lovely roses my adorable guy presented me. 

04 декабря 2012

Blow Up

It's a story about a day of life of a glamorous London photographer Thomas inspired by the actual life of photographer David Bailey
The movie starts from photo shoot with Verushka at the studio.

As Thomas leaves the studio, he drives off to look at antiques shop.

Wandering into Maryon Park, he takes photos of two lovers. The woman is furious for being photographed.

She comes to his studio to get the film then.

When Thomas makes enlargement of the film, he notices a man in the trees with the gun... and then the dead body.

As evening falls, he goes back to the crime place and finds the body...

Watch the movie to know the end!