30 ноября 2012


Backstage pictures always tell a small story of the show. These photos show their soul and this inspires me!

29 ноября 2012

Remembering the past: my best photos at all the times

All these photos are my memories! And my beautiful models' of course! I'm going further, but it's not so bad to look back if it was such a great time!

Collages of fashion

These pictures really attracted me, because each has the detail I want to have in my wardrobe!
  • high boots
  • huge earrings
  • huge round sunglasses
  • white dress
  • dress with a ribbon
  • lots of bright clothes

26 ноября 2012

Red lips, khaki coat

Yesterday I took photos of my day's look! It was so warm and not windy, the perfect weather! I put on my favorite coat again because it always appears in my everyday outfit. I also like these black stockings with little ribbon and of course my black bag which I wear almost everyday!

23 ноября 2012

Fabulous Armani

This is a great FW collection! I love backstage shoots, because models are always showing their true emotions. At this collection I like all the details, especially this ring+clutch, color tops+grey trousers and dresses, of course!

21 ноября 2012


Today's photo shoot is perfect for my mood as usual! It consists of everything I like at the moment: brown color coats, cat eye sunglasses and sea! It's so calm and inspiring