30 сентября 2012


These desserts and posters are making my day! It was so hard for me to get up, so this morning started with great food (: good morning and have a nice day!

29 сентября 2012

Mad Steven Meisel

Look at all these wonderful pictures! It's like my inspirational morning! This photo shoot is like alive creature (if you know what I mean)!


Have you seen smth like this before? Me neather! 
Sacrament Inspirée 
Lily Donaldson by Terry Richardson

Minimalism vs Fashionism

My today's morning started with pictures, music and delicious Earl Grey tea (which is my favorite). It's great for me to realize it's Saturday morning and for now I don't have to hurry up somewhere! I made a photo shoot yesterday, so I have to have to work today! Look forward for my new pics!

28 сентября 2012

25 сентября 2012

Tuesday Inspiration

While going on a bus stop, I saw a wonderful building! And I'm planing to take photos there. And this is my today's inspiration. I'm gonna make smth like this!

24 сентября 2012

Hello, morning!

Oh, I finally got up! It was rather unusual morning. I had a bad dream about my BF, but it was only a dream!   Now I'm having my breakfast and going to start choosing today's look ;) see you, xoxo

Vanusa Savaris at Baldovino Barani photo shoot

Today it's cloudy outside. This photo shoot expresses the feelings of sadness, it makes you think about everything... 

Diane von Furstenberg FW 2012-2013

You can't even imagine how I liked those coats, dresses, pants and jackets! After this taught day, these looks were all I needed. So here am I, resting and enjoying the collection! xoxo